Wednesday, May 20, 2009


These are the first two Martian eggs laid at Mission-2-Mars. They are rather small, even for quail eggs. I'm not too sure which birds actually laid them, but I have my suspicions. Our first batch of quail had 2 males and 4 females, so we should be seeing quite a few eggs in the days to come. The second batch of quail is fast approaching 6 weeks of age, so we will soon be overrun with eggs. I can't wait to try them in an omelet!


Sadge said...

I'm overrun with California quail here. They destroyed my first planting of peas and lettuces, just as they were starting to come up. I planted again, and now have that garden bed looking like a net circus tent, trying to save some of it for us.

TheMartianChick said...

It is funny how something can be a pest in one area and people will actually cultivate it in another!

I always thought that groundhogs were cute. We used to watch them grazing contentedly on the grounds of the local airport.

Then some moved onto my property and began decimating my garden...They just aren't cute anymore!

Somewhere, someone probably has a whole farm devoted to the nasty critters..I just know it!

Sadge said...

I just got back from visiting my mom in Colorado. Prairie dogs are a protected species there, and spreading everywhere. They destroy pastures and cows and horses break legs in their holes and the ranchers can't do anything about it.

We have ground squirrels here. The first couple of years in my garden, they destroyed so much I was ready to ring my garden with their little heads impaled on popsicle sticks!