Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bad Blogger!

I have been an incredibly bad blogger lately. The good thing is that we've been really good urban homesteaders and have a lot of progress to report. Of course we won't share all of our news in just this one post!

We spent one weekend building 2 new raised beds out of scrap wood and planting the few items that can go in the ground this early. Building more beds had stalled because we'd used most of the wood that we salvaged. Luck was with us and we were able to find a lot of wood out at the curb. Most of the pieces were brand new and still had the price stickers on the ends. More raised beds will be underway during this upcoming weekend.

We managed to plant carrots, red and blue potatoes,radishes, more peas and we decided to try planting beans, though it is still a bit too early. If the weather holds, then we'll have a tasty, early bean crop. If it doesn't, then we'll be replanting in a few weeks!

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