Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Chickens Have Landed On Mars!

Although we'd had two successful hatches of quail in the past couple of months, nothing had prepared me for the chicken chicks that hatched out during the Mother's Day weekend. There were three different breeds: Rhode Island Reds, Ameracaunas and Black Copper Marans.


There were chicks hatching at all hours and I got very little sleep. TheMartianMan can sleep through anything, but not me. I was there to greet most of our new arrivals, even though the hatch started on Friday and continued through Tuesday. The reason for the long hatching period was that we had set some of the eggs a couple of days late. I got so little sleep that I really didn't know how many chicks that we actually had. The final tally was 17 Rhode Island Reds(24 eggs set), 8 Ameracaunas(11 eggs set) and 9 Black Copper Marans (15 eggs set).



The Rhode Island Reds will not be staying at Mission-2-Mars for long...They are already listed on Craigslist. Their sale will help to pay for the incubator expenses.

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Milah said...

Would you believe I have lived on a farm for 30 years and I've never raised chickens!? Until now.....I have a friend who is tending to my new chicks while I wait on my husband to finish planting so he can build my coop. We've had cows, pigs and sheep but never chickens. I'm like you, learning as I go.;D
Mine are buff orpingtons and barred rocks. I hope there is a rooster in the bunch.